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It all started when I read this book:

The Year Round Vegetable Gardner by Niki Jabbour.

My reading of this book, was in and of itself a stroke of fate. Hubby and I literally tripped over it at Chapters. There it was, lying on the floor at the end of an isle, just waiting to change our life. And it really did. I was inspired to grow my own food. Me, who really dislikes gardening and getting down and dirty in the dirt. Niki presents an easily understood step, buy step, gardening for dummies, that makes even me feel like I can grow my own food. And not only grow my own food, but do it all year round!

The first thing that hooked me is that the author is from Nova Scotia, where I’m from, and anyone who is from my home Province, immediately peaks my interest. The second thing that hooked me was that Niki was able to grow produce outside, year-round, even IN THE WINTER- in the SNOW. Wow, I thought, I want to do that too! (That and her pictures of vegetables in the snow look absolutely delicious!)

That brings me to another reason to grow my own food year round. Buying veggies at the store is extremely upsetting. There are three reasons for this:
a) they’re so expensive considering the poor quality
b) they taste like chemicals
c) they’re picked green and not allowed to ripen properly

Let me tell you a little story…

I never really liked tomatoes. I never knew why, and it wasn’t until Hubby grew our own that I realized the reason- organic, vine ripened tomatoes taste way better than mass produced, green picked tomatoes that are trucked around for miles, and sit on a shelf for weeks. Garden tomatoes are juicy and sweet. They taste more like dessert than like a vegetable. Going to the garden for a cherry tomato was a welcome treat that summer and a memory I will hold onto, as I embark on this gardening journey. I invite you to come with me as I attempt to grow my own produce year-round. That’s for 365 days of the year, folks.

Also, I highly recommend you read Niki’s book. This is an Amazon affiliate link, but I am not otherwise being paid to promote this book. Simply put, this book changed my life- it inspired me to become a gardener and to take control of my family’s food production. If you are at all interested in growing vegetables, give it a read. You won’t be disappointed.

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